My latest attempt at adulting…

Getting through a big problem.

Well, it had to happen at some point, I was bound to run into a car problem and not have the hubby around to fix it. Up front, I hate mechanics. Maybe even more than dentists… they both tell lies… like “This won’t hurt…” and “You need new spark plugs, wires, headlight oil…” Blah blah, horsepucky that you as a woman won’t know I’m making up.

And I’m not bitter at all from past experiences…

Anyway, I digress, back on topic. Soooo my check engine light came on a few weeks ago (right after selling my other working car that I was holding onto for just in case). I needed the extra money because I’ve missed some work due to being down with the flu and bronchitis.  So now I don’t have the money for a repair or for someone to inflate a bill for me, so I did what everyone…

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