Lambing almost live

Life among the ewes and lambs.

Jim Webster


Well we’ve about made it. There are definitely two left to lamb but they could take a fortnight to make their minds up. Then there are three hoggs who might possibly be in lamb but again they could be even further off.

So the curtain may not have come down on the show, but in reality, we’ve moved on.

I think three brief sketches will sum up where we are. As you can see, the blackthorn is in flower, and this morning as I was feeding one group of ewes and lambs I caught the scent of gorse. It hung heavy in the air by the hedge. Grass is definitely growing faster than it’s being eaten, the ground is drier than it was last week and whilst Sal might find herself being harassed by frolicking lambs, the ewes by and large seem to ignore her as a threat. I think…

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