The Locksmith and the Harlot

The final memorable and entertaining story by Tallis Steelyard and penned by Jim Webster for the Pictures from an Exhibition blog tour.

Tallis Steelyard

The locksmith and the harlot

The exhibition of works by the renowned Andeal Willnoton Quillabin was judged by those who know these things to be a success. Andeal sold a number of paintings, was commissioned to produce a number more, and more to the point my unpaid labours in his service produced for me two useful patrons and a number of other fruitful contacts. Yet for Andeal this success merely produced more difficulties.

I described him, somewhat generously, as renowned. It is true that he was better known after the exhibition than before, and the event had brought him to the attention of many who otherwise would not have heard of him. Some of these people even had the money to aspire to possess a picture painted by him.

The difficulty was that it brought him to the attention of those who had no interest in art, but had an unhealthy interest in the wealth…

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#Blogtour – Jim Webster with a new book and a new story

Another wondrous tale by Tallis Steelyard and penned by Jim Webster for the Pictures from an Exhibition blog tour.

Robbie's inspiration

Michael and I are absolutely delighted to welcome talented author Jim Webster to Robbies Inspiration today. Jim has provided a wonderful story about a delicious fruit cake for the blog and I can tell you that it is a real treat.

The Bogat Street Gates

The surname, Gates, is not an uncommon one in Port Naain; everybody will know at least three families with this surname. Hence it is a commonly practiced expedient to attach the location of the family home to the name, so you can tell the various families apart.

So the heroes of our story are the Bogat Street Gates, because they dwell, obviously enough, in Bogat Street. This is one of those small streets which the inhabitants like to think form part of the Merchant Quarter, but which the city fathers petulantly include in Ropewalk.

Mrs Telmia Gates was never a patron of mine, but when…

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A bad day?

The problem with gamboling lambs.

Jim Webster

Sal is less than happy. Normally when I go out on the quad she runs behind me (because the lanes are narrow) or even tries to outrun me when we’re in a field.

But at the moment we’ve got a lot of ewes outside with youngish lambs. The lambs have got to the adventurous stage. When I feed their mothers this means the ewes gather together, running in from all over the field. The lambs obviously run with them. But they meet up with a lot of other running lambs and of course, they just keep on running together. I suspect the technical term is gambolling. It does have a certain charm.

From my point of view it isn’t actually a problem. Yes I’ve got to make sure none are gambolling around the quad or trailer, because they tend to change course pretty much at random. The other thing that…

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Raro Dreams~

These beautiful exotic pictures were taken by Cindy Knoke.

Woo Hoo!

I made a friend in Rarotonga named Emma from the island of Atiu, and she helped me find a hotspot that worked, albeit, it was quite a challenge.

Thank you Emma & Kia Orana!

Raro has amazing pristine beaches,

coral reefs,

and empty, jungle-covered volcanic mountains to explore.

Our son is exploring with us, and tomorrow we head to the more remote island of Aitutaki.

Cheers to you from the unspoiled & ethereal Cook Islands~

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On Voters Not Voting – Part III: Solutions

The things you can do to make sure the voters get to the polls and vote, including yourself.

Filosofa's Word

In Part I of this project, we looked at the reasons people give for not voting, and in Part II, we looked at the demographics … who isn’t voting, and why.  When we put those two together, we see why some people aren’t voting, for the system is designed to make it difficult for them.  In this, the final part of the project on voters not voting, we will look at some ways to effect change.  There are actually two distinct groups of non-voters:  those who are at least partly disenfranchised, for whom the system has made voting a difficult task, and those who are either too lazy or apathetic to stir themselves to vote.  The solutions are different for each of these groups, so we need to look at them separately.  But first, a disclaimer.  There is no panacea, no simple, single solution that will all of a…

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Pictures From an Exhibition Blog Tour with Tallis Steelyard @JimWebster6

Another highly amusing and entertaining story by Tallis Steelyard and penned by Jim Webster for the Pictures from an Exhibition blog tour.

Anita Dawes & Jaye Marie


More of the wit, wisdom and jumbled musings of Tallis Steelyard. Here Tallis tells the stories behind a series of paintings presented at an exhibition held in Port Naain. Discover the dangers of peasant dances, marvel at the duplicity of well brought up young ladies who mix with robber barons and prepare to be astounded at the wisdom of the goose girl.


I love these stories from Tallis Steelyard and the amazingly beautiful paintings that always accompany them.

This story, The Gnome, is the second story in this collection of stories about the art exhibition Tallis and his friends create for their friend, the artist Andeal Willnoton Quillabin. Who, in their opinion, was not as well regarded as they thought he should be.

The Gnome is the nickname for the artist’s muse, model and assistant. A very small woman, hence the nickname, but a force to be reckoned with…

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The Festival and other Stories

Another witty and highly entertaining tale told by Tallis Steelyard and penned by Jim Webster for the Pictures from an Exhibition blog tour.

Entertaining Stories

We return to a culinary theme with this picture that our artist painted of Blinia Crole. The picture is from Blinia’s own collection and is displayed with grateful thanks to her. Andeal chose to paint her seated in her old home working as she always had.

Chicken Legs

Blinia drifted into being a cook, but was handicapped by lack of capital. Her family home was in the more run-down part of Ropewalk. Some would even write it off as being part of the Warrens. So to have anything to cook she was reduced to purchasing worn out domestic fowl sold for a pittance for their feathers. She would pluck the fowl, sort the feathers, wash them, dry them and then sell them on to those who would use them to stuff pillows with.

With regard to cooking the fowl she was lucky that her mother had taught her well. Once…

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Guest Writer Spot

Another interesting and entertaining tale by Tallis Steelyard and penned by Jim Webster for the Pictures from an Exhibition blog tour.


This week, my Guest Writer is Jim Webster who is currently on a blog tour. As he says, “The theme for this one is ‘Pictures from an Exhibition’ where a friend of Tallis, who is an artist, has painted eleven pictures and to help out, Tallis is taking people round them and telling the story behind the picture“.

9) Catacombs-1

9) The Catacombs

I have mentioned Harl Bronnen before, he is a man with many business interests and he is an occasional patron of mine. Admittedly I will be given more work by his wife, but in all candour, Harl’s tasks tend to be more interesting.

I was summoned to attend upon him at his chambers, and when I arrived I was greeted with coffee and idle chitchat until the pleasant young clerk who poured the coffee had left us. It was then that Harl came to the point.


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It’s Time To Man The Phones To Contact US Legislators To Protect FBI Mueller Investigation

It’s time to get on the phones again.

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of mueller sessions rosenstein THIS IS HOW RT-WING REPUBLICANS HAVE BEEN PORTRAYING FBI AND DOJ

It is that time again to push hard against the republican President Donald Trump being able to fire the US Department of Justice’s Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who is in charge of the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe or the FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller III who is leading the probe. The US attorney General Jeff Sessions’ job may also be in jeopardy because he dared to do the right thing by recusing himself from the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe because of his heavy involvement in the president’s campaign and because he initially omitted to inform through appropriate channels, his contacts with Russian officials during the campaign.

It is important to note that all three professionals have been life-long republicans.

See: What I Learned From Briefing Robert Mueller – Lawfare

See: Seven Takeaways From Trump’s Threats Against Rod Rosenstein-Lawfare


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