And at last.

The last ewe has lambed, etc.

Jim Webster


Well it’s finally happened, the last ewe has lambed. After just over two months, they’ve finally finished. The last ewe, (really she was a hogg as it’s her first lamb) was been outside with the others rather than being kept on her own in the pens. This is because sheep don’t really like being on their own.

Anyway somebody noticed her straining in the field, nipped out to check and decided the feet looked a bit big for comfort. So we fetched her in. (In reality we fetched all of them in because be damned if she was coming in on her own.) Anyway we got her into a pen on her own and with a little bit of help she has produced one rather large lamb.

In a way there’s an element of symbolism here, a sign that the year is rolling on and already we’re preparing for next…

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