Butterfly Suicide: part 1

Part I of “Butterfly Suicide” by Kawanee Hamilton

There will be a series of short stories in this book. This is just the start of one of them. 🙂 I hope you like it. I have the cover art all planned out in my mind already 🙂 


Driving a bus was a dull job, but it kept the bills paid and allowed Carl Kindly with his middle-age paunch and bum knee to support his family. He had no complaints, for the most part. No one wanted to ride the poorly air-conditioned bus so they escaped back into their phones as soon as they could if they’d even bothered to look up from them at all. Today, they were running late, Carl swung the big bus wide to take a corner and sped down the street. Up ahead was the busy section of town, he could see people getting up from the benches as he approached, but a flutter of movement drew his…

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