GOP In US Congress Impose Huge Taxes On Middle Class With ACA Insurance Premiums’ Increases

This is just awful. It should go down in historical infamy.

Gronda Morin

Paul Ryan is pictured. |Getty Images Alex Wong/Getty Images

We all knew this was coming. When the GOP members in the US Congress passed their highly coveted tax cuts bill in December 2017 with a huge price tag of adding $1.5 trillion dollars to the US deficit over 10 years, but they did it by sabotaging the ACA/ Affordable Care Act/ Obamacare. The republicans needed even more monies to pay for 2017 GOP donor class tax cuts bill to where they eliminated the mandate requirement from Obamacare. The mandate requirement insured that more healthy young peoples were obligated to purchase health insurance by charging them a fine if they opted out of the program. This helped spread the risk for the insurance companies which made the premiums less expensive.

When the GOP decided to do away with this individual mandate, it was inevitable that the insurance premiums would sky rocket. This fact has recently been verified…

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