A horse, a horse.

A new story from Tallis Steelyard plus the announcement of a blog tour beginning for more of Jim Webster’s stories.

Tallis Steelyard


As you know a poet is a proud independent creature, freed from any possibility of subservience by his devotion to his art. Thus as I am at something of a loose end whilst my patron prepares to attend the races, it strikes me that it might be a useful exercise for me to give you some insight into the horse racing world in Port Naain.

The Racecourse at Port Naain lies to the east of the city, beyond the Three Mills Beck. You must remember that most men of wealth and influence in and around the city have horses. When you bear in mind that such individuals are prone to being competitive, it’s inevitable that they would wish to test their best horses against the horses of others. So long before there was a racecourse, that area was used on an informal basis. Indeed it still is, anybody can run…

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