AntiI-Immigration Hawk Stephen Miller’s Great Grandfather Flunked His US Naturalization Test

These days you can’t successfully run or successfully hide. At least not for long.

Gronda Morin

Image result for cartoons of stephen miller

Many of the hard line anti-immigration advocates like the republican President Donald Trump’ Senior Adviser Stephen Miller and the US Congressman Steve King from Iowa forget that they have ancestry who were immigrants. They came here with little monies and education. In other words, they were not coming to the USA based on merit.

Their ancestors even benefited from “chain migration” which means they came to the USA from foreign lands to join up with family. Many came here to escape persecution where their lives were at risk.

Make no mistake. The reason President Trump referred to refugees seeking asylum at the southwest US border as an infestation, he showed us his face of evil, of racism. Anyone who continues to support him is backing a racist who proactively ordered the separation of families as they were requesting asylum at the US border as per the April 6, 2018 memo 

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