President Created Immigration Crisis Where It Didn’t Exist, So He Could Look Tough For Supporters

Some of the horrible things that have been going on concerning the immigrants who just wanted help.

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of trump when he announces candidacy

The republican President Donald Trump started off his campaign preying on peoples fears and insecurities on the immigration issue. He called peoples from Mexico, rapists and criminals. Later he was equating migrants seeking asylum at the southwest border with M13 gangs even though nothing could be further from the truth.

Those who fret over the diversification of the US culture with peoples of different colors, religions, nationalities, belief systems have been drawn to the pied piper of Donald Trump.

Most of us celebrate this diversity, recognizing that this hodgepodge of peoples from all over the world is what makes America truly great, but there is that minority of folks who face this changing world with trepidation and who are too easily persuaded by someone who promises to be their champion, to fight with every strength of his being against this changing tide.

Image result for photos of trump when he announces candidacy


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