Dear Resistance Participants: Give Those GOP In US House Judiciary Committee, HELL!

To say the behavior of the Republicans doing the questioning is disgraceful is putting it mildly. Enough is enough.

Gronda Morin

Yesterday, on the 28th of June 2018, I witnessed a horror reality show being played out by the GOP members of the US House Judiciary Committee as they behaved unhinged, unglued, deranged and definitely unprofessional while they hurled questions, insults, barbs as they faced the FBI Director Christopher Ray and the Deputy Director Rod Rosenstein.

This was not a fact finding mission. This was an abuse of power as Mr. Rosenstein was accused of lying under oath, hiding information while deliberately delaying/ slow walking/ not acceding to their demands for volumes of documents. I recall one incident in particular, where Rep. Trey Gowdy snarlingly demanded that the Deputy Assistant Director Rod Rosenstein wrap up this FBI investigation as 18 months was way too long. Mr. Rosenstein has been responsible for the oversight duties for the FBI’s Trump Russia probe being led by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller III. This is…

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