Look away now?

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Tallis Steelyard

A measured response

When Benor Dorfinngil made his way back to the barge he might even have admitted to a sense of smug self-satisfaction. He still had a little of the cash earned from his map making work jingling in his purse. Added to this he had escorted the enchanting Ella Branwit half way across Partann. Finally he had helped convict a murderer. By now Arad Branwit might well have received his rightful punishment.

His mood lasted until he arrived in the barge. As he entered the galley he noticed that Tallis and Shena had a guest, a young man who looked as if he had spent several days in the saddle.

Shena gave Benor a smile that immediately made him nervous. “Benor, I’d like to introduce you to Gawin, oldest son and heir of Lord Addlestrune of Tarrant.”

Before Benor could even bow, Gawin asked, “Where the bluidy hell have you been…

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