Guest post: Jim Webster – A Measured Response… Episode 6

Episode 6 of “A Measured Response” from “A licence to print money. The Port Naain Intelligencer” collection blog tour.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Benor is back!
I know, I know they always say, start with a big hit. Except Benor’s never really gone away, I’ve just not published any stories about him since April 2017. Yes I admit it’s too long, but if he has a life, why can’t I?
OK, let’s start again.
Benor is back! And this time he’s slightly older but still as charming as ever, and might possibly be a little more cynical than he was.
I’m not selling this am I?
Let’s try another tack.
Benor is back! After the first critically acclaimed collection of the ‘Port Naain Intelligencer’ novellas, by popular demand a second collection is on its way!
Better? Actually I thought the ‘critically acclaimed’ was a nice touch.
But anyway I’ve just published, ‘A licence to print money: The Port Naain Intelligencer.’ It’s available on Amazon.
In it, Benor, who just wants to get…

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Separating Immigrant Children from Parents

A great post by Diana Peach who has worked with stressed children. You think you’ve seen everything than some other evil comes along to challenge us.

Myths of the Mirror

This child was not removed from her mother at the border, but her cries demonstrate the stress these children are under even without being separated from their parents. Time Magazine cover.

This isn’t a political blog. and yet there are times when it’s vital to speak out and use whatever platforms we have available. This is such a time.

The US is in the midst of a moral crisis as the Trump Administration continues a border policy that results in the systematic abuse of immigrant children. Many Americans, of both parties and of all faiths and walks of life, are horrified, and we are doing what we can to support these children and their families by sharing our outrage, time, talent, and treasure.

There are some people who insist that these children are just fine. And physically, that may be true. But that comment conveys a lack of understanding about…

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Dear NFL Owners, You Folded To A Child Abuser, Racist And The Bully-In Chief

The wrong decision made by the NFL owners.

Gronda Morin

Related image JERRY JONES

Dear NFL Owners,

The republican President Donald J. Trump’s recent racist actions towards the migrant refugees seeking asylum in our once great country, the USA, was not his first foray into throwing fuel into the culture war fires blazing around all of us.

“We the people” have stood up to call foul and to douse some waters on the flames of hate on display by those who fear diversification of the US culture with peoples of different colors, religions, nationalities and backgrounds. Most of us celebrate this reality because we recognize that this is what the American experiment is all about, and that this is what makes this country that “shining city on a hill” as described by President Ronald Reagan.

As per a June 2018 Gallup Poll, “A record-high 75% of Americans, including majorities of all party groups, think immigration is a good thing for the U.S. —…

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United Nations vs Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley is not telling it like it is.

Filosofa's Word

The United Nations says the U.S. has a poverty problem.   Ambassador Nikki Haley says we don’t.  Who’s right?  The United Nations is indeed correct and Nikki Haley is naught but a Trump mouthpiece.  Ms. Haley claims that the U.S. is “the wealthiest and freest country in the world”.  Not so, Ms. Haley.  The UN report acknowledges that the U.S. is among the wealthiest societies, however it also states …

“But its immense wealth and expertise stand in shocking contrast with the conditions in which vast numbers of its citizens live. About 40 million live in poverty, 18.5 million in extreme poverty, and 5.3 million live in Third World conditions of absolute poverty.  It has the highest youth poverty rate in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and the highest infant mortality rates among comparable OECD States. Its citizens live shorter and sicker lives compared to those living in…

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Books set in TN & Atonement, TN Revisited

About Teagan Riordain Geneviene’s books and the town she created.

Teagan's Books

Saturday, June 23, 2018

I can’t believe that it was way back at Christmastime, 2012 when I published my urban fantasy novel Atonement, Tennessee.  That makes it downright embarrassing that I still haven’t released the second book!  It’s written, but I have little time to give the editing and proofing process.  Although I’m getting closer.  

Marketing Graphic for Teagan's BooksImage by Chris Graham

It might not be okay for me to mention it outright, but if you miss the “Sookie” books, now that the well loved series set in a small Louisiana town (with HBO series based on it), has come to an end (wink-nudge-wink), then I think you will like my Atonement, Tennessee series.  There are no vampires (not that I know of), rather there are characters loosely inspired by ancient Celtic mythology.

I wanted this post to be about more than me.  I was surprised to learn how many books…

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A License to Print Money

Part 5 of The Licence to Print Money blog tour.

Entertaining Stories

Jim Webster is back, gang. His Lisa Burton Radio post was super popular, so today he’d like to tell you about another story of his. Take it away, Jim:


The first fantasy novel I ever wrote was about the adventures of Benor, a cartographer. I followed him through another novel, and then tried something different. I wrote a number of novellas about him, under the title of ‘The Port Naain Intelligencer.’

The thing about the stories in the Port Naain Intelligencer collection, you can read them in any order. It’s a bit like the Sherlock Holmes stories, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote them in a particular order, but you can dip in and out of them, you don’t need to start with volume one and work through them chronologically.

Anyway Tallis Steelyard appeared as a character in the collection, and somehow took over. Tallis is like that, but now…

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Free for One Day: ‘An Encounter at Longbourn’

FREE only today, June 24th, AN ENCOUNTER AT LONGBOURN.

Margaret's Classic Posts

a 'Pride and Prejudice' variation novelette

For just 24 hours, this Jane Austen Fan Fiction novelette will be free to download on Amazon Kindle. The deal starts on 24th June, 2018.

At her parent’s request, Elizabeth brings both Darcy and Georgiana along to a family gathering at Longbourn. The eyes of the guest-of-honour, Hodges, are immediately and irresistibly drawn not to Catherine (who is smitten by him), but to Miss Darcy, whose sweetness and musical talent excite his sensibilities. What will be the outcome of this mutual attraction, which defies both the best-laid plans of Mrs Bennet and a social hierarchy in which Hodges, though a fine physician, is somehow viewed as wholly unworthy of Georgiana Darcy (except, it seems, by Georgiana herself)?

a 'Pride and Prejudice' variation novelette

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President Created Immigration Crisis Where It Didn’t Exist, So He Could Look Tough For Supporters

Some of the horrible things that have been going on concerning the immigrants who just wanted help.

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of trump when he announces candidacy

The republican President Donald Trump started off his campaign preying on peoples fears and insecurities on the immigration issue. He called peoples from Mexico, rapists and criminals. Later he was equating migrants seeking asylum at the southwest border with M13 gangs even though nothing could be further from the truth.

Those who fret over the diversification of the US culture with peoples of different colors, religions, nationalities, belief systems have been drawn to the pied piper of Donald Trump.

Most of us celebrate this diversity, recognizing that this hodgepodge of peoples from all over the world is what makes America truly great, but there is that minority of folks who face this changing world with trepidation and who are too easily persuaded by someone who promises to be their champion, to fight with every strength of his being against this changing tide.

Image result for photos of trump when he announces candidacy


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More Tears of Shame …

Wrongs done to helpless people that will no doubt go down in infamy and some things being done to help them.

Filosofa's Word

Trump signed an executive order earlier this week that did … nothing.  Nonetheless, that didn’t stop him from preening and patting himself on the back.  While thousands of children remain terrified and separated from their parents, held in old warehouses, tent cities, and wherever the U.S. government can find room to stow them.

Administration officials admit that there is no immediate plan to reunite these children with their families.  Melania Trump visits them wearing a jacket that says, “I don’t care, do U?”  Fox television host Brian Kilmeade says we should not be concerned because “These aren’t our kids … it’s not like he is doing this to the people of Idaho or, uh, or, uh, Texas. These are people from another country.” Members of Congress, congressional candidates, and the press have been denied entry to tour the facilities.  A senator was escorted from the premises by police…

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