GOP Talking Points That President Trump Has Been Tough On Putin Is A Lie

President Trump says “America First” then throws it under the bus.

Gronda Morin

President’s Hard Line Stances Against Russia Have Been A Fluke, Or Based On Necessity (This blog is based on an earlier post)

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Don’t buy the republican President Donald Trump’s walk back of what he stated at the 7/16/18 Helsinki summit between the US president and the Russian leader, where he looked like a weakling on the world’s stage. His bluffing and posturing to where he likes to exhibit the appearance of strength, was missing. He threw the US Intelligence agencies, all of his foreign policy experts and the American peoples under the bus as he equivocated on the question of whether the USA was attacked by Russia as it interfered with the 2016 US elections infrastructure.

I have been watching the cable TV news pundits. Many GOP in the US Congress have been covering for President Trump by referring to how he has admitted to making a mistake to…

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