Russia Has Executed The Espionage Coup Of The Century Without One Bomb On USA

How Russia executed the espionage coup of the century

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of russia invading crimea Overnight, Russian troops were dispatched to seize control of Crimea’s airspace, ports and regional government (2014)

Dear America, “We the people” have to look at the forest instead of single trees.


Once upon a time there was this grand leader who ruled by fear, killed his critics and political opponents. He was clever at executing short term strategies to attain a goal without considering the long term consequences that could cost him, his country.

He became very upset at Western countries especially the USA for interfering with his plans to have access to a warm water port by force, like in Crimea, Ukraine in 2014 and in Georgia in 2008 or his adventurism in Syria in 2015 to insure access to Russia’s naval base in Tartus. Around 2014 is when the US plus the other NATO countries imposed sanctions on Russia. The Russian economy took a bad hit in…

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