The President’s Latest Tantrum Is To Remove Security Clearances From His Critics

It seems President Trump wants to punish his critics. It just makes him look bad.

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of brennan clapper hayden comey

The republican President Donald J. Trump keeps forgetting that he does not live in Russia where he can emulate how the Russian President handles his critics by just banishing them or better yet, vanquishing them from the face of the earth. He has come up with another outrage designed to deflect from the current negative news loop that has been upsetting to him.

There have been former Intelligence Agency heads who have stepped forward to openly criticize the president regarding his schizophrenic treatment of our allies in NATO, and our neighboring countries with tariffs among numerous other foreign policy faux pas incidents like his lack of courage to confront Russia over its US election interference in 2016.

The republican talking point is that these public servants have been making baseless charges against the president and that they have been making monies in the process.

Of course these are patriots with…

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