Discover Your Value

Good advice.

Orlando Espinosa

When you discover your own value, you only want to be around those who bring out the best in you and value you just as much.

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Only in America …

Our human rights record is really slipping..

Filosofa's Word

As I scrolled through the evening news last night, I came across story after story that had me shaking my head and saying, “Only in America”.  Not, mind you, in a good way.  So, after about the third one, I decided to compile them all into this post. Turned out I couldn’t fit them all into a single post, so there may be a follow-up … who knows?  I have a backlog …

Does he or doesn’t he believe in climate change science???

CulbersonJohn Abney Culberson is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from the State of Texas.  He is a republican … go figure.  He is a climate-change denier who claims that scientists have falsified data and that “the liberal obsession with climate change… is driven by their desire to raise more money for the government”.

Compared to Trump’s nearly half-million dollars spent from campaign funds…

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How To Lose Votes In Time For Nov. 2018 Elections/ Cut Pay Raises For 2 Million Federal Workers

President Trump doesn’t seem to care about losing these votes.

Gronda Morin

There we go again. The republican President Donald Trump and his GOP sycophants in the US Congress found enough monies to enact a December 2017 tax cuts plan that’s favorable bigly for corporations and the wealthy as it added to the US deficit over 10 years, a minimum of $1 trillion dollars but now, President Trump says, the US Congress can’t afford to pay for a 2.1% pay increase to cover for the rate of inflation for 2 million plus federal workers.

Image result for PHOTOS FEDERAL WORKERS PROTESTSHere is the rest of the story… 

On August 30, 2018, Eric Yoder of the Washington Post penned the following report, “Trump seeks to freeze pay in 2019 for federal workers”

“President Trump wants to freeze the salaries of two million federal employees in 2019, throwing the ball into Congress’s court as lawmakers seek to reconcile conflicting views about whether employees will receive a hike in their…

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Habit #3 – The Medical Exemption

Another free double feature from the witty brain of a great storyteller. If you want more of this humorous entertainment, Russell has made it easy for you. Just slip over the right of the blog and click on the cover of one (or both) of his books. If you want to help him even more, you can reblog this post again.

What's So Funny?

During your school days, how many of you went on a fieldtrip in a big, yellow bus? Personally, I loved being free from the confines of the classroom for a few hours. It was always adventure. On an *FFA trip one my buddies got sick from smoking a big, green cigar he’d snuck on the bus. He spewed puke across four seats—with an hour ride still ahead of us.

Another memorable trip was a tenth grade biology trip to the sewer plant (no, we weren’t greeted by Ed Norton). We toured the entire facility and saw first-hand how raw sewage is processed. The solids were dumped in mountainous mounds across a large field. The most important thing I learned from that trip, was how to spread it around.

If you’re new to Friday Flash Fiction, the bus driver on this fieldtrip of 100 word adventures is Ralphetta Kramden Wisoff-Fields.

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Pontifications along a road less travelled. How much self-destructive hatred do we need?

When it comes to social media it seems “Intimacy breeds contempt,” as the old saying goes.

Jim Webster


Oh the joy of facebook. Before social media we could cling pathetically to the belief that people were by and large, reasonable, sensible, and decent. Admittedly we clung to it like a drowning man clings to a spar after a shipwreck, but still it was not an entirely impossible belief.

Then I saw somebody, an American, had posted this on their wall. It’s from one of the US political sites.

If Robert Mueller finds overwhelming and indisputable evidence that Trump conspired with Putin to rig the 2016 election, Trump’s presidency is not authorised under the United States constitution.

The only response to an unconstitutional presidency is to annul it. This would repell all of the unconstitutional president’s appointments and executive actions, and would eliminate the official record of the presidency.

And below it everybody had piled in. They were all hollering and cheering and throwing their hats in the air.

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Best in show – “The Judge is always right”!

Judging to find “best in show” of the sheep.

The Lakeland Auctioneer

Some farmers and also some auctioneers thrive in the show ring. That is acting as the master Judge, picking out a class winner or indeed an overall champion from a ring full of cattle and sheep. Many times in my career I have had the honour of being asked to judge livestock at agricultural shows throughout Cumbria. My preference was always to say no. Despite being an experienced auctioneer, the thought of putting myself up for even more criticism than usual from farmers was never that appealing.

How many times have we heard farmers with loud voices talking in the local vernacular around a show ring; “See yon Judge theer, he’s got that wrang he has. Ah would nivver hev given it to that owd yow. He’s wrang thoo nas, he’s wrang and that’s aw there is till it……”

Working on the premise that the Judge is always right, it…

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Twinkle toes

A story about a clever entrepreneur and a book of more adventures The first told by Tallis Steelyard and all penned by Jim Webster.

Tallis Steelyard


Port Naain has a vast array of dance styles. Some are danced by couples, some are danced only by women and some are danced only by men. There are peasant dances, sailor’s dances and in Port Naain at least, ordinary working men will sometimes dance ‘boot dances.’ In these men wear their heaviest working boots and beat out complicated rhythms on the floor. They demand agility, dexterity, a good sense of timing and stamina.

Sometimes a devotee of these boot dances will arrange a performance. They’ll put out the word and the men known to be the best will saunter in and clatter their way through their routines. The best of the best are picked and on the night of the great performance, the theatre (and the bar) will be packed to standing room only. I would that poetry readings attracted such enthusiastic audiences.

It was Valdun Treewater who realised…

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I’m Sorry …

Hate is being encouraged.

Filosofa's Word

The human heart has limits, folks.  We have limits to what we can absorb, how much we can feel before we finally just … burst.

Tonight, after many frustrating, sad, maddening news stories, after writing my post for this a.m., and just as I was about to head to bed, I got a notification that I had a Facebook message from one of my favourite people in this world, Rob Roland.  Rob used to live next door to us, and I always knew that as long as he was here in da hood, there was nothing and nobody that was going to hurt me or mine.  Though Rob stands about 6’8”, he always called me Grannie, always had a hug for me, and insisted that his three adorable little girls say “yes ma’am” or “no ma’am” when I asked them a question.  Rob’s wife Aundrea is a sweetheart and I…

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Google … The Latest Target

Google has become President Trump’s latest target.

Filosofa's Word

fly-honeyIt would seem that Donald Trump has only three modes:  threaten, bully, and attack.  He has never, obviously, heard the expression that you “catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”(An irrelevant aside here … when I was little, I thought they were saying you “kill” more flies with honey, so I grew up believing that flies had an allergy to honey and would die if they ate it)

Perhaps he is satisfied with his 35% – 40% of the flies and cares not about the rest.  Frankly, it is beyond old and tiresome, but there is no sign that he is prepared to soften his method of operation, or m.o.

To name only a few, he has attacked every ethnic group except his own, every single one of our allies, every organization to which the U.S. belongs or did belong, every religion outside his own, democrats en…

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