Why Are Republicans’ Not Facing Reality Of President’s Ties To Russia?

Republicans are not facing reality.

Gronda Morin

I’ve been blogging since the early days of the republican President Donald Trump’s administration, about his long held ties to Russia. In the beginning of the President Trumps burgeoning ties to Russia, the links were encouraged from the Russian side because of his connections in the US business world. Over time the president became more dependent on Russian monies to survive as US banks refused to lend him monies because of his history of filing bankruptcy claims.

That the president is a billionaire today is due to Russian monies. When Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring to become the next US president, Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin set up what could best be termed a “marriage of convenience” between the two leaders.

I will be purchasing the the newest book out on this subject, House of Trump, House of Putin” by Craig Unger. Below is a critical book review by…

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