It’s Happened. On The 25th Day Of August 2018, Senator John McCain Lost His Final Battle At 81

Senator John McCain passed away on 25th August 2018 at age 81.

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of john mccain's family

“We the people” who remotely keep up with the news, had learned that Senator John McCain had very recently decided to stop any future medical treatments to treat an aggressive form of brain cancer that he had been diagnosed with, earlier this year.

Knowing what a fighter that Senator John McCain is by nature, there had to be good reasons for this decision. It appears that Senator McCain succumbed to the inevitable because of complications. He went down fighting.

Many of us have been decrying his absence from the floor of the US Congress where he could be counted on to be a voice of conscience for the Republican Party. No one else has taken over the mantel to be his voice and to be a check on power, for example, like he proved to be against our current republican President Donald Trump who despised the ground  that Senator McCain…

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