A story of regularity and a review of “A licence to print money”.

Tallis Steelyard


I freely admit that I am not in any position to either criticise or praise Gastan Leftboot. Still I feel entitled to state firmly that I feel he ought to have exercised more caution. A wise man thinks long and hard before prescribing an evacuant and even longer before concocting one.
Still he is the apothecary not I, and to be fair I cannot fault him for the enthusiasm he brought to the study of aperients. His knowledge of purgatives was unmatched, at least amongst those of a similar age.

Still, a young man entering the profession has to make a mark. He has to have a string of successes, glowing testimonials, and several unique medicines which he can call upon. Gastan had to do something to stand out from his peers, and I suppose that by picking constipation as his condition of choice, he was at least on solid…

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