Google … The Latest Target

Google has become President Trump’s latest target.

Filosofa's Word

fly-honeyIt would seem that Donald Trump has only three modes:  threaten, bully, and attack.  He has never, obviously, heard the expression that you “catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”(An irrelevant aside here … when I was little, I thought they were saying you “kill” more flies with honey, so I grew up believing that flies had an allergy to honey and would die if they ate it)

Perhaps he is satisfied with his 35% – 40% of the flies and cares not about the rest.  Frankly, it is beyond old and tiresome, but there is no sign that he is prepared to soften his method of operation, or m.o.

To name only a few, he has attacked every ethnic group except his own, every single one of our allies, every organization to which the U.S. belongs or did belong, every religion outside his own, democrats en…

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