Twinkle toes

A story about a clever entrepreneur and a book of more adventures The first told by Tallis Steelyard and all penned by Jim Webster.

Tallis Steelyard


Port Naain has a vast array of dance styles. Some are danced by couples, some are danced only by women and some are danced only by men. There are peasant dances, sailor’s dances and in Port Naain at least, ordinary working men will sometimes dance ‘boot dances.’ In these men wear their heaviest working boots and beat out complicated rhythms on the floor. They demand agility, dexterity, a good sense of timing and stamina.

Sometimes a devotee of these boot dances will arrange a performance. They’ll put out the word and the men known to be the best will saunter in and clatter their way through their routines. The best of the best are picked and on the night of the great performance, the theatre (and the bar) will be packed to standing room only. I would that poetry readings attracted such enthusiastic audiences.

It was Valdun Treewater who realised…

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