Will the Russell Senate Office Building Be Renamed After The War Hero Senator John McCain?

On renaming the Russell Senate Office Building to honor Senator John McCain recently deceased.

Gronda Morin

Map of Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20002

In memory of the republican Senator John McCain of Arizona, please contact your US Senators to encourage them to change title of the Russell Senate Office Building, named after a democratic segregationist of ole with the new nom de guerre, The McCain Senate Building, in memory of the late war hero and US senator, John McCain.

While this honor should be a no brainer, there are those GOP lawmakers in the US Congress who have been acting out of cowardice whenever it comes to them possibly antagonizing their standard bearer, the republican US President Donald Trump.

Related imageTheir crocodile tears that Senator McCain republican colleagues are shedding over the loss of his presence within their halls is not enough for them to overcome this terror of them incurring the wrath of a US president known for his revengeful, spiteful and cruel ways of getting even.

One recommended the phone number is 877-650-0039…

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