Wrong Place, Wrong Time …

What can happen if you have a gun?

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One night a few years ago, Chris was out of town at a band function, and Miss Goose and I were in the living room each engaged in “doing our own thing”, when the front door opened, and a man walked in.  He was as startled as we were, for he thought he was entering his daughter’s apartment, so imagine his surprise to be greeted by my “WTF”!  It was an honest mistake, for this is a complex of some 200 attached townhomes and they all look exactly the same.  We all did an embarrassing chuckle, he apologized and left to find his daughter’s apartment, and we remembered to lock the door thereafter (though we still sometimes forget).

A similar mistake happened in Texas this week, only this one turned deadly.  Amber Guyger is a four-year veteran of the Dallas, Texas, police force. Ms. Guyger had just gotten off duty…

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2 thoughts on “Wrong Place, Wrong Time …

  1. We’re waiting for the complete story to come out with this one…did she really knock on the door and say “Let me come in” as the neighbors say they heard? Did she really give a verbal warning before shooting and how on earth did she get inside anyway? Something’s not right with the story that is out right now….She had another “incident” last year – looks like she really shouldn’t have ever been in law enforcement – people who are scared are dangerous
    And had to chuckle – who hasn’t almost gotten in the wrong car sometime – that could be a big problem these days

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