It’s Slow Good

A great two for free blog today from Russell. There’s also a free plug for Perry Block’s new book, THE JOYS OF WATCHING PAINT DRY. If you want more of Russell’s great humor just click on the book covers on the right of this blog. You can also help him out by reblogging this post from your blog.

What's So Funny?

They say time is relative. Funny, but I don’t remember having a relative named Time. I did know someone whose last name was Time that I was quite fond of. His first name was Quitting. We got along extremely well and often shared a beer or two after work.

Quitting came from a rather large family and had a good number of cousins. One of them became a lightning rod for controversy. People either loved or hated him. Complaints range from having to reset clocks twice a year to blaming physical illnesses on him. He is also charged with being a thief. Daylight Savings steals an hour every spring, but gives it back in the fall. I wonder what he does with that hour during the nine months he keeps it?

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