Good People Doing Good Things — Everyday Heroes

Jill with more good people doing good things.

Filosofa's Word

This evening I began working on what I thought would be today’s ‘good people’ post, but the deeper I dug, the better it got, and I simply began, after about 3 hours’ effort, to realize that it was more than I could finish before the clock ran out on me.  So, you will have that one to look forward to in a week or two.  Meanwhile, as always, I was able to find a number of everyday heroes, people who do the right thing just because it is the right thing.  These are the real people in the world, those who see someone struggling and jump in to help.

A community pitches in …

For months, Teresa Steele, pregnant with her first child, has been living with no air conditioning or heat after someone stole the copper from her property and broke her home’s HVAC unit.

“I called insurance and…

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Stick it on mow tops.

Some farming advice plus another interesting tale spun by and penned by Jim Webster.

Jim Webster

In this case mow is pronounced ‘moo’. A mow is a stack of hay or straw in a barn.

It’s just that when my father was a young man, just after the war he worked for a chap who was a really good farmer. Had a good eye for milk cows and ran a good farm. But one fault he had was impatience. You cannot make hay faster than hay can be made. The sun and wind will do their job at their own speed.

Now if you make hay that is slightly too damp, it can heat up and even spontaneously combust. Obviously this is too be avoided. One way that you can avoid this is by spreading it thin so it both has a chance to dry a little, and also doesn’t compact down enough to produce the heat.

Even if it doesn’t catch fire, you can get…

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I was told that an editor was needed!

Another entertaining and humorous tale spun by Tallis Steelyard and penned by the one and only Jim Webster.

Tallis Steelyard


I pondered this for some time; I was staring at the bottom of my empty glass when inspiration struck. I must discuss the matter with Nale Spanchuck. Surely the greatest living editor, at least in his own estimation, would be able tell me what the attributes of a good editor are.

I found him at last, sitting quietly in the back bar at the Misanthropes. He recognised me with a sigh and ordered another bottle and called for an extra glass. This is the sort of behaviour I like to see in literary gentlemen. So as he poured me the first glass he asked, “To what do I owe this unexpected honour?”

“Nale, what makes a good editor?”

He looked at me and said firmly, “What sort of editor?”

This rather flummoxed me. He spotted my confusion and sighed again. “Do you want some inky-fingered scribbler who deals with spelling…

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Pittsburgh Does Not Want Him … Does Anybody?

President Trump’s trip to Pittsburgh.

Filosofa's Word

Last Saturday, during a Shabbat service at the Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a man by the name of Robert Bowers entered the synagogue saying that “Jews must die” and shooting randomly at congregants, ultimately killing eleven.  His reason?  He blamed Jews for the migrant caravan that he has been told by none other than Donald Trump, is coming here to take jobs, kill people, and ruin the United States.  Sadly, Mr. Bowers isn’t very intelligent, so he believed the blatant lies that Trump spewed.

To set the facts straight, the migrant caravan is comprised of families – men, women and children – who are fleeing from the violence in their home countries, hoping to seek asylum in the United States, work hard, assimilate into our society, and make a better, safer life for their children.  Trump’s tales that they are criminals and even…

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Book Review: Atonement in Bloom

A book review of ATONEMENT IN BLOOM

Myths of the Mirror

I’ve been aboard Teagan’s tour bus for a few days and just hopped off for some biscuits and gravy in Atonement, Tennessee. While I’m at it, I’ll attempt a little magic for Teagan and share my review of Atonement in Bloom.

But, oh, not so fast. First I had to delve into Teagan’s amazing technicolor pantser brain and find out how she does it! Here is my question:

I know that you’re a pantser, Teagan, and I assure you that this is foreign territory for us dedicated outliners. Your stories are full of magic – people, objects, places, lore – and they all converge on the small town of Atonement in a zany adventure with eight plot threads whirling around at once. How do you keep this literary cyclone straight and make sure that it arrives at “the end” in one piece? I’d love to learn about the method to…

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Jolly 🎃 Monday …

Jill’s Jolly Monday post.

Filosofa's Word

Hi friends.  It’s Monday.  Sigh.  Ready for some laughs?  Sigh.  Okay … how ‘bout we start with a joke.  Why did the chicken 🐓 cross to the other side of the road?  Um … I forget.  Okay … I sense this isn’t going well … let’s start over, shall we?

Hi friends!  It’s Monday and you all get to go back to work … isn’t that just peachy 🍑 ?

Hi friends!!!  It’s Monday … and … um …

Here … just grab a snack while I dig up something humorous …

Alaina Custer was working as a server at a restaurant, Sup Dogs in Greenville, North Carolina when a couple came in and ordered only two waters.  They took a few quick sips of the water, then dashed out, leaving a tip and a note.  The tip seems to me a bit extravagant for only water … $10,000 … in cash

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And That About Sums It Up

Summing up the hate campaign. They seem to be coming out from under rocks.

Filosofa's Word

Well, well, well … after all the hoopla, all the ranting and raving by Trump and Co., the accusations against both the press and the democrats, it turns out that Trump hadn’t a clue what he was talking about, and neither did Fox News or any of the other fools who jumped in with off-the-wall conspiracy theories.  What a surprise, eh?  Turns out the bomb-maker-sender was a nutcase; a die-hard supporter of Trump who apparently thought the best way to show his love for ol’ Donnie-boy was to try to take out his ‘enemies’.

Of course, Donnie & friends immediately issued public apologies to those of us they accused of being the perpetrators, right?  HAH … what fantasy world am I living in?  As a matter of fact, those who have been referring to the bombs as a ‘false flag operation’ and blaming democrats all week long, are still blaming…

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Keeping matters under review

Another interesting and humorous tale of an ingenious bookseller told by Tallis Steelyard and penned by Jim Webster. Also on offer a book about LEARNING A HARD TRADE by Jim.

Tallis Steelyard


I suppose I’m somewhat remiss in not mentioning Darlom Slaketreader. After all he does run the largest and most prestigious bookshop in Port Naain. His emporium maintains a remarkably large selection of volumes, (although between ourselves I feel his selection of modern poetry is remarkably weak.)

His premises run to several floors and one can look at books, sip infusions and even doze quietly in an armchair should that be your wish.

In the interests of assisting his customers in finding the ‘right’ book Darlom came to an arrangement with sundry printers and publishers. If they wished, they could provide him with an extra copy and he would give this copy to a person of known good taste who had a genuine enthusiasm for reading. This person would read the book and pen a review. Darlom collected the reviews and they were available for inspection by anybody walking through the…

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Remembering what Grandma said

An interesting and humorous story of an industrious teacher told by Tallis Steelyard and penned by Jim Webster and an offer of a book written by Jim and on sale.

Tallis Steelyard


Hetti Trilmarker was given an excellent all-round education. She had been something of a quiet child, happy in her own company, and she liked nothing better to curl up on a couch with a book. To be fair it didn’t really matter which book, she would read poetry, theology, alchemical text books, and learned discourses on political economy with the same enthusiasm she read novels. So when at last she looked round for employment she decided to be a governess. This decision was discussed around the dinner table, as all family decisions were, and the family chipped in with advice. Her brother suggested a regime of exercise to keep her fit. Her father merely commented that the only person she had to be able to sleep with was herself. Her mother majored more on sensible underwear and long vests. Her grandmother sat silent for a while and then said, “Don’t…

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Yellowlegs Salton Sea~

Pictures of Greater Yellowlegs at the Salton Sea by Cindy Knoke.

Cindy Knoke

Greater Yellowlegs migrate between South and North America.

They are striking birds,

who stride across deep lagoons,

with their distinctive,

high-stepping strut.

Long legs,

enable them to hunt in deeper lagoons,

capturing the fish and insects they survive on.

Cheers to you from the stunning Yellowlegs at The Salton Sea~

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