It Is Okay To Say The F-Word/ US Is Experiencing The First Stages Of Fascism

Are people in the U.S. experiencing the first stages of Fascism?

Gronda Morin


If it looks, acts and walks like a duck, it is a duck. What the republican President Donald Trump and his sycophant GOP lawmakers in the US Congress along with their donors and supporters have been pushing the US towards, is a more authoritarian government which is marked by a full out attack on the ‘rule of law,’ the free press; restricting the rights of Americans to protest; fostering fear/ hate against the other like immigrants, peoples of color, peoples of other faiths, LGBTQ members and dissenters.

It’s OK to say that the US president is practicing Fascist politics as this is a style of governing that the US president admires in other countries and would like to emulate. As per the author Jason Stanley (described below), “Fascism works by using the Politics of Us and Them.” President Trump, among others, including leaders of Russia, Hungary, India and Turkey…

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