Three Notable Deaths …

Three people who died recently and had made important contributions to our lives.

Filosofa's Word

There have been a few notable deaths in the past week or so that may have gone largely unnoticed in light of other news centered around the ‘man’ whose initials are DJT.  This morning, as I attempt to keep from sliding into the rabbit hole, I decided to focus on these ‘notable deaths’.  (Isn’t it a bit of an alarming state when focusing on death is uplifting???)

Dorcas ReillyDorcas B. Reilly … the name may not ring a bell, but I can tell you that she has affected my life twice in the past month or so and does so several times in the course of a year!  No, she wasn’t a rocket scientist or even a politician.  She wasn’t a scientist, but rather an artist … a food artist.  I have always said that cooking is an art, not a science, and Ms. Reilly proved that.  In 1955, she was…

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