Will General Mattis Ruin His Reputation By Backing President’s Lie/ GOP List Of Lies

Another list of lies.

Gronda Morin

While the number #1 issue that is the concern and worry of the vast majority of voting Americans for this upcoming November 6, 2018 US election day is healthcare, the republicans are scrambling to deflect their attention from this very problem.

While the republicans have made their claim to fame for years for trying to end the 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA)/ Obamacare, which extends access to quality, affordable healthcare with the mandate for pre-existing conditions’ coverage to millions of previously uninsured folks, they are now caught flat-footed on how to win voters with nothing to offer them, along these lines.

Image result for healthcare political cartoons

The US Congress representatives have voted/ bragged about having voting against the continuation of Obamacare only 70 times. Currently, 20 Republican led states have filed a law suit which is still in process, against the US government to allow insurance companies in their states to sell healthcare insurance policies…

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