Stick it on mow tops.

Some farming advice plus another interesting tale spun by and penned by Jim Webster.

Jim Webster

In this case mow is pronounced ‘moo’. A mow is a stack of hay or straw in a barn.

It’s just that when my father was a young man, just after the war he worked for a chap who was a really good farmer. Had a good eye for milk cows and ran a good farm. But one fault he had was impatience. You cannot make hay faster than hay can be made. The sun and wind will do their job at their own speed.

Now if you make hay that is slightly too damp, it can heat up and even spontaneously combust. Obviously this is too be avoided. One way that you can avoid this is by spreading it thin so it both has a chance to dry a little, and also doesn’t compact down enough to produce the heat.

Even if it doesn’t catch fire, you can get…

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