Good People Doing Good Things — Everyday Heroes

Jill with more good people doing good things.

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This evening I began working on what I thought would be today’s ‘good people’ post, but the deeper I dug, the better it got, and I simply began, after about 3 hours’ effort, to realize that it was more than I could finish before the clock ran out on me.  So, you will have that one to look forward to in a week or two.  Meanwhile, as always, I was able to find a number of everyday heroes, people who do the right thing just because it is the right thing.  These are the real people in the world, those who see someone struggling and jump in to help.

A community pitches in …

For months, Teresa Steele, pregnant with her first child, has been living with no air conditioning or heat after someone stole the copper from her property and broke her home’s HVAC unit.

“I called insurance and…

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