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Jill with more good people doing good things

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Ever notice how, as a general rule, it’s the people who have the least that give the most?  I find that both inspiring, but also depressing, for what if every single millionaire/billionaire decided to give 10% of their net wealth to humanitarian causes every year?  There would be no more poverty!  But anyway, that isn’t how the world works, but today I am bringing you two young people who are giving of themselves.  Today I’m focusing on young people, for it is they who hold the keys to the future of this planet.  If we teach our children the importance of caring for others from a very young age, then there are no boundaries for how far they might take those lessons.  Today, I will introduce to you two young people, both from Louisville, Kentucky, whose parents obviously began teaching this lesson as early as they could.

Andrew DunnMeet Andrew Dunn. …

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FOX News Embedded Reporter In Refugee Caravan Disputes President’s Claims

An embedded Fox news reporter disputes POTUS claim about criminals and the middle east insurgents in with the caravan from central America

Gronda Morin

William La Jeunesse reports from Mexico (Fox News/screen grab)

FOX NEWS reporter William LaJeunesse who is an embedded in the midst of the refugee caravan is disputing the republican President Donald J. Trump’s claims that this caravan of refugees fleeing the violence in Honduras by heading towards the US -Mexican border via Guatemala are comprised of ‘bad peoples.’

On October 23, 2018, David Edwards of Raw Story penned the following report, “Fox News embedded reporter burns Trump on caravan criminals: ‘Most are driven by poverty and a better life.” 


“Fox News reporter embedded with a caravan of migrants in Central America on Tuesday (10/23/18) knocked down President Donald Trump’s claim that most of them were “bad people.”

“Reporting from Tapachula, Mexico, Fox News’ William La Jeunesse told host Sandra Smith that the president had been wrong about the people traveling with the caravan.”


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Dear Americans, Get Real! Your Stagnant Wages / Lost Jobs Are Due To Corporate Greed/ Not Others

What’s really happening.

Gronda Morin

I am disgusted that the republican President Donald Trump and his crony GOP sycophants keep disseminating lies to hard working Americans, that it is the the other (fill in the blank from immigrants to any minority group) who are taking their jobs, when the truth is that their woes are due to the same guys selling them this BS, outright lies.

Some of the causes for over 3 decades of stagnant wages, have to do with more US goods being manufactured in other countries where the hourly pay for workers is much less; corporations developing a greater reliance in technology; and there are changes in the culture, like a greater usage by utility companies of renewable sources of energy versus fossil fuel. But guess who are making these decisions. They are the corporations executives, not the other bogeyman.



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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New book on the shelves – Atonement in Bloom by Teagan Riordain Geneviene

Teagan’s new book is on the shelves and is featured by Sally.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Today I am featuring the latest release from Teagan Riordain Geneviene which has been long awaited by her fans.  Atonement in Bloom.

About Atonement in Bloom

“Atonement in Bloom” continues the urban fantasy from the point where “Atonement, Tennessee” ended.The quaint town was stranger than Ralda Lawton could have imagined. The local population included supernatural beings of the fae variety. Although only she and a few others knew about that.In a past life, Ralda ― Esmeralda had been involved in something with those supernaturals and it had carried into her present life. In Atonement, Tennessee, that almost got her killed. Now she has new problems, and new supes to complicate matters.Atonement in Bloom continues the misadventures of Ralda, her friends, and neighbors in the small (but far from peaceful) town of Atonement, Tennessee. Her old house and cemetery are still there, along with Lilith the cat, quirky townsfolk, and assorted…

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Witches Woods~

A great Haloween post on Witches Woods from Cindy Knoke.

In Oban Scotland, The Dunollie Woodland Trail, will lead you into The Witches Woods!

The deeper you go into the forest, the older it becomes.

The trees in the forest were twisted over time into witch-like shapes by the actions of fierce coastal winds.

Some of the oaks are over 400 years old.

The Witches Woods surround Dunollie Castle,

which was once home to the most powerful clan in Western Scotland, the MacDougalls.

The remains of the castle and the old manor house can be toured.

I was first scheduled to visit Oban about 30 years ago, but The Queen was doing a walk about, so our plans were changed. I am happy to have finally visited this charming town and the gorgeous Hebrides.

We are home at The Holler now, but it is cheers and BOO to you from misty Oban’s Witches Woods~

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On Respect and Kindness – Redux

Some wise words from Jill as true today as when she wrote them. They are something to think about.

Filosofa's Word

Yesterday, I received a comment on a post I had written waayyyy back in June 2015 (not this post).  It was so long ago that I had no idea what the post had been about and had to re-read the post to refresh my memory.  It was ironic how everything I wrote in that post had changed in the last 3+ years.  It made me start thinking, though, about what else I might have written ‘way back when’.  And as I took a brief stroll through past posts, I was reminded of the quote by 19th century journalist/novelist Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” — the more things change, the more they stay the same.  The following is a post I wrote on 03 November 2016, 5 days before the 2016 presidential election.  Today, just over two weeks before the mid-term elections, this post is still…

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Book Launch – Party Bus & Atonement TN Book Fair!


Teagan's Books

October 20, 2018

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit — Atonement in Bloom is finally published!  It was a wild ride, even after I finished all the work on the novel.  Meaning I’m not best pleased with all the bumps in the road from the Amazon take-over of Create Space…  Now, let’s get this party bus on the highway!

Atonement Blog Party Bus LoadedThe bus is headed to Atonement, TN, the fictional town of my urban fantasy series.  The stories in my “Atonement universe” are not romances, not science fiction, not family drama, or religious — and they certainly are not high-brow literature.  They’re whimsical, suspenseful, magical, fantasies set in our current real world. 

All aboard!  Beep-beep, yeah! The party bus is here. (Click here for theme music Magic Bus!)  Our first stop is in Connecticut to pick up Dan Antion, who has a handy guided tour…

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