A month of anniversaries and some Halloween fun!

Kawanee’s anniversaries.

Picture taken at work, we made the wings ourselves (me and my aunt). I am short, yes thats true but somehow, this pic makes me look even shorter. 😦

As you can see, I’m beginning to have some fun. I’m singing Karaoke on Saturday night with my aunt and cousins. Going to bingo once in a while. Me and my son are in training right now for a new temporary position adding some knowledge to our resumes and trying to move up in the company. Another tool in the belt can’t hurt!

October 1st made 2 years since I got my own place for the first time.
October 4th or so makes 2 yrs since I smashed my fingers in the tailgate.
October 9th marks 2 yrs since I hurt my leg.. It’s almost normal looking now… I’ll add photos later.
October 27th marks a year ago since I had…

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