Pentagon Says No To President Trump By Limiting What US Military Can Do At Border

The Pentagon wouldn’t go along with everything POTUS wanted.

Gronda Morin


When the republican President Donald Trump recently stated publicly that if anyone traveling with the Honduran caravan that is currently in Mexico, heading towards the US-Mexican border throws rocks at the military personnel that he is ordering to the border, they had his permission to fire back.

The Associated Press has said that the caravan is currently in or around the city of Santiago Niltepec, which is located in the state of Oaxaca, and about 250 miles from the city of Oaxaca itself.

Image result for images of map of mexico

The Pentagon’s analysis of this refugee caravan counters  what the republican President Donald Trump and his sycophants have been saying. They have portrayed the Honduran refugee caravan as being financed by their favorite bogeyman, the Jewish billionaire George Soros who has a history of donating monies to democratic causes; that there are criminals and middle eastern terrorists traveling with the caravan; and that the refugees/ INVADERS are carrying…

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