A token of affection

Another amusing and interesting story told by Tallis Steelyard on the mores of that time and penned by Jim Webster. Also, another book of similar tales offered by Jim.

Tallis Steelyard

A token of affection

As you might imagine, there are occasions when I can spend a fair bit of time kicking my heels in kitchens or other waiting areas. If I’m acting as Master of Ceremonies for a patron (whether my role is granted a formal title or not,) this enforced idleness isn’t something I’ll experience as I will be endlessly busy. Indeed as one elderly lady of my acquaintance once said, “Tallis lad, you’ve barely had time to spit.” She paused briefly and added, reflectively, “But why you’d want to is beyond me.”

But on other occasions when I’m merely one of those asked to entertain, I sit with the others awaiting my turn. Under these circumstances I much prefer to wait in the kitchens. Normally there are people working, and food is constantly being prepared, nibbles are sent out and glasses washed, and once you’re established as somebody useful or amusing, you…

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