Say it with flowers

A tale full of action and humor told by Tallis Steelyard and penned by Jim Webster. Also, a book on offer, Tallis Steelyard Five men in a boat, from Jim Webster with more tales

Tallis Steelyard

say it with flowers

I recently received a missive from a lady from distant parts, one Clarow the Bandit Queen or somesuch title. She asked whether Port Naain knows much of the language of flowers.

Alas I am almost too embarrassed to reply. Yes our city does indeed have something that pretends to this high estate but frankly, when you investigate more closely, you find it is nothing more than a banal list of pedestrian emotions, each linked to a particular flower.

So you may dispatch a bouquet to a loved one secure in the knowledge that it will pass on some trite and clichéd message. Frankly you could have a poet write a bespoke poem, more economically and with far more opportunities for subtlety in the message. Alternatively, save your silver, gird your loins, brace yourself and tell the lady in person what you think of her.

Yet in this matter it must…

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