The importance of always being fashionably attired

An entertaining tale by Tallis Steelyard, a book on offer by Jim Webster, and a great review of the book.

Tallis Steelyard


Mistress Messia Theldit was always known as ‘the young mistress.’ This is because her mother and grandmother had also been given the name Messia. So to avoid confusion, grandmother is referred to as ‘the Lady Messia.’ Her daughter seems to have won temporary custody of the communal name and she is referred to as Messia. The youngest of the three is habitually known as ‘the young mistress.’

As well as sharing a name, the three generations shared a common quest for excellence. It doesn’t really matter what the three ladies tackled, endeavoured to do it to the best of their ability. This is not entirely an unmixed blessing. When the Lady Messia was much younger, her husband ran into problems due to corrupt business dealings by some of his associates. Lady Messia felt that as a loyal wife she ought to support her husband. Many ladies achieve much by…

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