2018 Fireworks

Happy New Year 2019! Here are some fireworks for you.

Orlando Espinosa

These are the posts that got the most views in 2018. Thank you for the support and enjoy!

  1. Ensure Your Happiness

  2. It’s The Same People

  3. There’s Always Hope

  4. Being Proactive

  5. Stop Putting Limitations

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Jolly New Year’s Eve Monday!

A great New Year’s post from Jill.

Filosofa's Word

‘Tis New Year’s Eve and in just a few short hours it will be another year, this one called 2019.  Daughter Chris is working a half-day today, and we plan a quiet evening, just the three of us, with an assortment of appetizers hot and cold that will, with luck, last us through the rest of the week and I won’t have to cook again until next Monday!

Speaking of cooking … I did do a small bit of baking this morning for you, and I just brewed a fresh pot of java, so grab a bite and a cuppa …

juice box

I don’t get particularly excited about the New Year, for truly, nothing changes and the designation is man-made.  The new year might just as well have started on the vernal equinox, June 21st, or in the middle of nothing … March 1st.  And I don’t enjoy parties or getting…

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And a happy new year to you all as well!

Jim Webster and Tallis Steelyard’s thoughts on New Years. Also, a book on offer by Jim Webster.

Jim Webster


I know people who cannot remember what they were doing last New Year’s Eve. I know people who only remember because they got a photocopy of the police charge sheet which describes their antics in inglorious detail.

For myself I confess I’m not a great celebrator of New Year’s Eve. From memory I think I’ve seen in two (or it might be three) but one of them was by accident.

Some of it is the feeling that I’ve never had a year so bad that I wanted to drown it, some of it was pragmatism. I did the morning milking for over thirty consecutive New Year’s mornings. The sure knowledge that you’re the one who is going to be standing in a milking parlour at 5:30am is the perfect answer to, “Come on Jim, just another glass.”

Not only that but early on I learned the secret of the New…

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Saturday Surprise — Winter Birds!!!

Some pictures of beautiful birds and a link to a website about birds.

Filosofa's Word

A fellow critter-loving friend of mine posted a few pictures of winter birds a few days ago on Facebook, and a link to an article featuring lots of such birds.  Some of them are so gorgeous that I knew right then I would share them for Saturday’s surprise!  It amazes me that these small, seemingly-delicate creatures can withstand the cold of winter, but somehow they do!

American-Goldfinch American Goldfinch

American Robins

Annas-Hummingbird Anna’s Hummingbird

Barred Owls

Black-Capped Chickadees

Blue Jays

Bohemian-Waxwing Bohemian Waxwing

California-Scrub-Jay California Scrub Jay

Cedar-Waxwing Cedar Waxwing

Common-Grackle Common Grackle

Common-Redpole Common Redpole

Coopers-Hawk Cooper’s Hawk

Downy-Woodpecker Downy Woodpecker

Eastern Bluebirds

Great-Grey-Owl Great Grey Owl

Mockingbird Mockingbird

Mourning Doves

Northern Cardinals

Northern Flicker (left); Northern Flicker and European Starling (right)

Snowy-Owl Snowy Owl

Tufted-Titmouse Tufted Titmouse

White-Breasted Nuthatch

Yellow-Shafted-Flicker Yellow-Shafted Flicker

Aren’t they beautiful?  I hope they made you smile this Saturday winter morn!  Be sure to check out the website for some tips about feeding winter birds and winter bird…

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Romance & Fine Dining~

Cindy Knoke sent pictures of life among the egrets on Christmas Day in beautiful Santa Cruz, California.

Spending the holidays with family in Santa Cruz California,

and spied this young egret on Christmas Day.

He had romance on his mind,

but his timing was all wrong.

He expected affection,


fine dining!

Live and learn.

He got the dinner,

but not the date!

Cheers to you from sunny Santa Cruz~

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The Vatican Shares Pope Francisco’s Christmas Message To The World

The Pope’s Christmas message.

Gronda Morin


As per 12/25/18 Axios report by Marisa Fernandez, Pope Francis encouraged people in his Christmas message to see differences as a “source of richness” rather than a reason for fear, Reuters reports.

The big picture: The message seemed to reference the rise in populism and political unrest with immigration across the world. He called for reconciliation in places torn apart by conflict and for “fraternity among people with different ideas, yet capable of respecting and listening to one another.”


Thanks to a 12/25/18 CNN publication, here’s the text of Pope Francisco’s Christmas message:

Here’s the official English translation of the text of Pope Francis’ Christmas message released by the Vatican. (The speech was delivered in Italian, and it was obtained by CNN’s Nicola Ruotolo in Rome.)

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Happy Christmas!
To you, the faithful of Rome, to you, the pilgrims, and to all who are linked to…

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Mutt, dining with friends

An amusing and informative tale of the government functioning of Port Naain as told by Tallis Steelyard and penned by Jim Webster. Also, a book by Jim Webster on offer accompanied by the review of a reader.

Tallis Steelyard


I have often wondered whether it is possible for us to do without bureaucracy. Some will tell you that we need a bureaucracy because it supplies the underpinnings of civilisation and without it; we would lapse back to barbarism and within a generation would be struggling to remember how to make fire. It is notable that the people who claim this tend to be bureaucrats.
Still even in Port Naain we do have a bureaucracy. Yes, our system of Sinecures helps to limit it. The idea is that the various civic tasks that need doing are divided up into manageable chunks and the wealthy of the city bid to fund these tasks. They then ensure the work is done, using their own money and normally using their own staff to do it. In return they sit on the Council of Sinecurists which runs the city, in as much as anybody…

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When is a swindle not a swindle?

A story of enterprise in Port Naain told by Tallis Steelyard and penned by Jim Webster. Also, a book about Port Naain written by Jim Webster on offer with a review by a reader.

Tallis Steelyard

When is a swindle not a swindle

There are an inordinately large number of people in Port Naain. A fair proportion of them are in possession of considerable quantities of money. Thus the city spawns numerous individuals whose sole reason for existence appears to be to trick others out of their money.

To be fair, I prefer confidence tricksters to muggers, hoods, leg and arm men, flutterers and the like. Indeed there are small minded degenerates who feel that poets and other artists should be included in the ranks of cozeners and allied trades. Whilst obviously I repudiate this, it does leave the question open, how do you decide who is, and who is not, a swindler?
To make the issue clearer to both of us I will discuss Ballan Zealflurt. He entered Port Naain society accompanied by the delightful Velumina. The relationship between them was never quantified. Ballan already had a wife whom he still lived…

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Good People Doing Good Things — Choose Love (and others)

Help where it’s needed most from good people doing good things.

Filosofa's Word

t-shirt-2Perhaps my favourite Christmas gift this year was from my daughter to Miss Goose and I together.  When we first opened it, we were a bit puzzled, for there was a white t-shirt with the words “Choose Love” on it in black lettering, and a piece of paper that appeared to be an invoice for:

Hot Foodx2$8.00
Sleeping Bagx1$26.00
Waterproof Tentx1$26.00
Snug Packx1$10.00
Arrival Bundlex1$30.00

My first reaction was, “You bought us a tent?  You want us to move out?”  But as she explained, as I understood what my wonderful daughter had done, tears came.  She donated this money in mine and Natasha’s names, to be spent on the above items for a refugee in need.  My daughter has a heart of pure gold.

So this evening, as I pondered my ‘good people’ post, I thought to…

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