In the bleak midwinter

An interesting tale of farm life with electrical problems from a rain and wind storm. Also a book by Jim Webster on offer. It has a great review to accompany it.

Jim Webster


From memory it was 2005. It started when I had to take a dead bullock up to a veterinary investigation centre north of Penrith. At the time I was driving a Ford Granada Iโ€™d inherited from my late father. A nice car, not a lot of acceleration but it was lovely to drive and once it got up to speed it would cruise without any apparent effort.

I was towing a cattle trailer with the dead bullock in it, and we went up the M6. This is where I started having problems. There was a gale blowing out of the south west and it was pushing me north. Unfortunately there wasnโ€™t a lot of weight in the trailer and if I went much over 50mph the damn thing started to fishtail! So I was driving uphill with my foot more on the brake than the accelerator.

Anyway I dumped theโ€ฆ

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