Free for Three Days: ‘Love Denied’

Margaret’s book LOVE DENIED is FREE for three days.

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Australian romance (6)At thirty-one, Elizabeth, a music teacher fulfilled by her craft and dedicated to her students, is still single and living at home. Unexpectedly, the father of one of her students seems to want to court her. Edward, a well-heeled solicitor still recovering from the tragic death of his young wife, invites Elizabeth to dinner at his home – a home complete with a magnificent piano that he invites her to play.
Out of the blue, Elizabeth receives a letter from her former admirer, Tom – a sheep-farmer, living in Scotland. Will the contents of this letter change Elizabeth’s destiny? What startling secrets will it reveal that may upend Elizabeth’s entire view of her life?
This latest work by award-winning Australian author Margaret Lynette Sharp promises to be an engaging read for lovers of well-crafted, sweet romance.


Have I whet your appetite?

This nostalgic novella will be free to download…

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Over-directing along the cutting line.

An interesting and amusing story about the cutting of hair as told by Tallis Steelyard and penned by Jim Webster. Also, an amusing book of stories is on offer by Jim at an affordable price accompanied by a great review by a satisfied reader.

Tallis Steelyard

9) over-directing along the cutting line.

Varnon Drane, more than any of his siblings, broke new ground when seeking a way to make a living. As a child he had always watched with fascination as his mother cut the hair of various members of the family. Eventually he took over the role and soon reached such a level of competence that the children of neighbours would come to him rather than let their own mother loose near them with scissors.

Now the cutting of hair is one of those areas where the deeper one looks into it, the more interesting it becomes. Across the city it is normal for a man to have his hair cut by his wife or his mother. I’ve heard many wives comment that it would be ridiculous to spend good money getting a man’s hair cut. Children get their hair cut by their mothers. Again, thrift wins out over artistry. But…

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My beef with experts

Jim tells about past buying and selling of beef. He also has an amusing book at an affordable price on offer about his sheepdog and a great review of the book by a satisfied reader.

Jim Webster


People tell us that we’re wrong to disbelieve the experts. After all they’re the ones who know stuff so we should listen to them. The problem comes when you get older. Experts are best if they’re like historians who look back and pontificate on the past. That works. Yes you can argue with other historians, but you’re only arguing over the interpretation of the information. You’re not making the dangerous mistake of using your expert interpretation of the data to predict the future.

Once you predict the future you run into problems. Reality is perfectly happy to run your predictions and in ten or twenty years you can see how right or wrong you were.

So looking back, let’s look at BSE which came close to destroying the UK beef industry and compared to which, Brexit is a trivial irrelevance. Eventually they found that a Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy could move…

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While We Were Watching The Circus …

See what is taking place as we watch the Trump & Company Circus.

Filosofa's Word

clown trumpWhile we keep watching the circus playing out before our eyes, the clown with the funny hair and weird makeup who keeps tweeting mindless inanities, things are happening in our government.  Things that will have an effect on our health, our freedom of press, our very lives.

We may wake up some morning and find that any number of things have changed overnight.  For instance, we might wake up and find that our national parks and wildlife refuges no longer exist as such, for they have been sold to ExxonMobile for drilling rights, or dispersed to various coal companies for mining rights.  Or we might waken to the news that an entire Indian nation has been forced to leave their land for lack of water.nat'l park shutteredWhy, you ask?  In late December, amid the government shutdown, the U.S. Department of Interior, currently under the direction of Acting Secretary David Bernhardt, proposed…

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Surprise, Surprise. Russia Tried To Discredit Work Of FBI’s Special Counsel Mueller

The Russians are trying to discredit work done by Mueller.

Gronda Morin

Russia has a lot of chutzpah where its officials not only interfered with the US 2016 elections but they are continuing to insert themselves in US politics in 2019. One of the recent examples involved its operatives falsely claiming they had hacked sensitive data in FBI’s possession which they then posted, online. This operation was designed to embarrass the FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller III and to discredit its Trump-Russia probe.

This example of Russia’s ill intent and continued attacks against our US democracy highlights the chicanery/ corruption of our own US lawmakers who recently (January 2019) approved the republican President Donald Trump’s request to lift sanctions against the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, a friend to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and the president’s former campaign manager with pro-Russian associations in Ukraine.

Special Counsel Mueller who’s in charge of the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe claimed on January 30, 2019, that evidence in…

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Good People Doing Good Things — ‘Round the World

More good people in the world doing good things.

Filosofa's Word

They are out there, folks.  Good people exist.  They see a need, they do whatever is in their power to help meet that need.  And they exist everywhere, as you will see in a minute.  Somedays it is easy to believe that we are nothing but a cruel and evil society whose only concerns are wealth and greed.  In truth, there is a lot of that all over the world … I don’t even try to deny it.  But, at least once in a while it is requisite for our emotional and physical well-being to step back from the ‘dog-eat-dog’ world and look for the flowers growing among the thistles.  flowers-among-thistlesThey are there … you just have to look for them, for they are often overshadowed by the thistles.  That is why, no matter how embedded I am in the political fray, no matter what else is happening in the…

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Do Your Research – The Devil is in the Details

Be sure to do your research when writing.

Author Don Massenzio

In my first book, Frankly Speaking, my main character, Frank Rozzani, notices someone has broken into his home. He reaches into his glove box for his Glock and proceeds inside with caution. Sounds right, doesn’t it. That’s what other characters in books, television and movies do.


In my original draft, however, I had him making sure the safety was off. When I let an author acquaintance of mine, who is retired police officer, read the book, he came to that part and let me know that a Glock doesn’t have a safety. I had no idea. I didn’t know a Glock from a hole in the wall.

This taught me a valuable lesson. I went back through that book and looked for other things. For instance, I used GPS and satellite phone technology in the book and I researched the use of these things extensively to make sure that it…

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