President Trump’s Tariffs And Trade Wars With China Are Costing US Workers’ Jobs

How Trump’s tariffs and trade wars with China are costing U.S. workers’ jobs.

Gronda Morin

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One of the major promises made by the republican President Donald Trump was to bring back jobs from abroad but his economic policies are doing just the opposite. The president keeps lying about the jobs that he is creating when the most minimum of fact checking proves that he is spouting falsehoods. Eventually, the hard working Americans who voted for him based on his pledges will figure out that President Trump is a con.

First of all, President Trump does not practice what he preaches. Just about everything he sells via his businesses are manufactured outside the USA. The other lie is that he truly gives a hoot about US companies hiring immigrants as it has been proven that his own resorts have done just that.

Currently, he is acting on his core beliefs regarding the use of tariffs and the tactic of trade wars which he defines as good…

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