President To Declare National Emergency And To Use Disaster Spending Funds To Pay For His Wall

How people’s ideas change. I think Pence’s smile is fading like that of the Cheshire Cat. Is this emergency money what was needed but not used in Puerto Rico?

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of trump at border PRESIDENT TRUMP

Make no mistake. President Trump has been ruminating since at least May 2017 to order a government shut down because there hadn’t been funds set aside to pay for his US SW wall that he’s been promising his base of anti-immigration zealots for years.

There has been ample reporting that President Trump’s rhetoric about the wall had been conceived by his advisers as a tool to remind him to talk about his anti-immigration stance even before he announced that he was running to become the 45th US president in 2015. There is ample evidence that it was this strategy that catapulted him into the White House.

Fast forward to January 2019, President Trump still suffers from this fear of losing his hard core anti-immigration base to where he was easily goaded by right wing pundits into backing out of an agreed upon temporary budget plan (continuing resolution to…

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