Welp…someone else burned my boat for me.

Kawanee needs people to care. Her workplace is closing.

Here I was trying to be all positive and stuff… and today they announce that they are closing the site I work at. United Healthcare Medicare is pulling their contract with the company I work for, and that means no job. This is for me and my son both, there will be no income at all since we both work there.

Still I’m trying to be Positive:
I loved my work. I loved helping people. It was rewarding even though the pay wasn’t great, I drove about an hour to get there. I loved helping people get their meds when they couldn’t afford them, scheduling cancer/health screenings so bad things get caught early when they can be treated.

I loved calling a doctor and telling them they were illegally charging patients and that I was filing a complaint with Medicare. I loved telling a doctor they ran something wrong and…

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