Why does there have to be written laws on the books to protect people from being discriminated from if the should have those rights anyway?

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Ask yourself this question:  Why should it be necessary in the United States, a developed Western nation, a nation where people are educated and claim to be good, caring people … why should it be necessary for states to legislate fairness?  Why should a state have to make laws that say, “you cannot refuse to rent a house, or to employ a person simply because they are African-American, or because they are gay”Why do we have to do that?  Aren’t some things just common sense?  Why do you care if the person working in your factory is gay or straight?  They aren’t hitting on you, for Pete’s Sake!!!

Sorry for the rant, but this one galls me to no end.  We learned from the Civil Rights era of the 1950s – 1960s, didn’t we?  Didn’t we learn that all different sorts of people make the world more interesting? …

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2 thoughts on “WHY????????

  1. seriously. Why.
    Live and let live and keep your nose out of other people’s business
    (Of course that means turning off reality tv…and the gossipy news these days)
    Big minds discuss ideas – small minds, people
    (And there it is – with badly watered down curriculum/education and people not seeing the importance of traveling to experience new and different things, well, perhaps not so enlightened after all…de-evolution?)


  2. The U.S. will have a better education system when they stop experimenting and watering down the material and hire more good teachers by paying them a living wage. I was a teacher and know what I’m talking about. The teachers where I taught had to strike twice to get more money. —- Suzanne


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