Top Ten Things Not to Do While Women Prohibitionists Smash 12 Saloons in Kansas in 1901

John’s list of problems a time traveler would have if he traveled back and were with Carrie Nation and her group as they smashed up a saloon.

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This post continues the Top Ten Things Not to Do with a historical background. This week is the anniversary of the 1901 smashing of twelve saloons in Kansas by women prohibitionists lead by Carrie Nation. If you have the ability to time travel to that event this list is designed to keep you out of trouble.

Top Ten Things Not to Do While Women Prohibitionists Smash 12 Saloons in Kansas in 1901 by John W. Howell © 2019

10 If you are there with Carrie Nation, do not try to sneak a sip from your flask of Jack Daniels. If you do, at best you’ll be unseen. At worst, the prohibitionist will be tempted to treat you like a piece of the bar. ( You should have thought about that drink, Garbhan. Maybe the fact that everyone was wielding a hatchet might have given you a hint. Lucky you got hit with…

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Why does there have to be written laws on the books to protect people from being discriminated from if the should have those rights anyway?

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Ask yourself this question:  Why should it be necessary in the United States, a developed Western nation, a nation where people are educated and claim to be good, caring people … why should it be necessary for states to legislate fairness?  Why should a state have to make laws that say, “you cannot refuse to rent a house, or to employ a person simply because they are African-American, or because they are gay”Why do we have to do that?  Aren’t some things just common sense?  Why do you care if the person working in your factory is gay or straight?  They aren’t hitting on you, for Pete’s Sake!!!

Sorry for the rant, but this one galls me to no end.  We learned from the Civil Rights era of the 1950s – 1960s, didn’t we?  Didn’t we learn that all different sorts of people make the world more interesting? …

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Are You Using Publishing Industry Standards?

Be sure you know industry standards when publishing your book.

Marketing Christian Books

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” ~Stephen Hawking

Standards. Every industry is governed by standards. These are a set of criteria within an industry that defines the standard functioning and carrying out of operations.

The publishing industry has standards. Anyone involved in publishing and selling books should be aware of these standards.

Sadly, many independent authors don’t take the time to educate themselves on publishing industry standards. This lack of knowledge often becomes apparent when these authors interact with others in the industry. Then, these authors’ ignorance reflects poorly on themselves and their books.

One place where I frequently see a lack of knowledge on industry standards with independently published authors is the ISBN. ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. This is a unique number assigned to a book that identifies the book within the industry. All industry players use the…

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How To Build A Wall …

A suspected scheme is running by a known schemer named Kolfage. It’s thought he’s pocketing the money from the request. Beware!

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My friend Valerie posted this on Facebook last night …

“We just got a phone call wanting us to buy a brick in Trumps wall. No, not happening.”

Say WHAT???  Surely just some new phone scam, right?  Well, yes and no.  Turns out that there are a couple of different ‘things’ going around, but at least one is actually a project of Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign!  Yes, folks, but the bricks aren’t real, and they don’t go to build the wall!  They are fake bricks that you can purchase for only $20.20 each and have them sent to either Senator Chuck Schumer or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Campaign manager Brad Parscale issued a statement:

“The Democrats have been stonewalling President Trump for too long, as the President remains fully committed to make a deal to secure our border. Now the American people can send a message directly to Chuck…

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No, Thank You, Partisan US Supreme Court For Being A Tool Of President’s Agenda/ Muslim Ban

How the U.S. Supreme Court has become a tool of the President’s agenda.

Gronda Morin


Any indication that the US Supreme Court justices would attempt to avoid the appearance of not being a partisan arm of the republican President Donald Trump’s administration, was a pipe dream.

I’ve been suspicious that last US Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh who had endured a high degree  of controversy but who was still pushed over the dead bodies of other equally if not more qualified conservative judges on a Federalist Society list, was so that an extreme partisan would become the 5th conservative justice to serve on the US highest court.

The results of the GOP US senators having successfully ensconced their man on the US Supreme Court is already bearing fruit with the 5 conservative justices led by its Chief Justice John Roberts, having already facilitated the president’s ban on transgender individuals serving in the US military and the ban on peoples from 5 Muslim…

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President Keeps Creating New Lies To Scare The Public About Immigration At US SW Border

POTUS seems to be using lies to scare the public.

Gronda Morin

2017/ Source: US Border Patrol

The republican President Donald Trump’s has come up with a new talking point/ lies about women being trafficked to where they are being discovered bound and gagged by border control agents, as they were crossing the SW border in those invading caravans. Just like his other lies, this one is being debunked.

All the below data does not mean that human trafficking and drug smuggling is not happening at the US SW border but not in the way that President Trump is describing.

Image result for photos of drug sniffing dogs at the border US PORT OF ENTRY

Those who are involved in the crimes of drug smuggling and human trafficking have figured out a long time ago, how to transfer this contraband from Mexico to the US side by hiring US drivers to drive through designated US points of entry. Because there is so much legitimate traffic with goods that need to be transported across…

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President Designates His Son-In-Law Jared Kushner To Fix Immigration Issue In 3 Weeks

Jared Kushner struck out on the advice on the immigration issue and money for the wall.

Gronda Morin

Image result for kushner security clearance PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP/ JARED KUSHNER

I’ve been saying that one of the positive outcomes of Donald Trump being the 45th US president is that he highlights the issues that require fixing for future leaders living in the White House.

For example, one of the laws that could come out as a result of his presidency that the vast majority of Americans could support, is that of the US Congress legislating an end to the possibility of future government shutdowns where good, hard-working Americans are used as pawns because our US elected officials couldn’t figure out to do their jobs, as we the American taxpayers pay their salaries.  To add salt to injury, this past 2019, 35 day government shutdown cost the US taxpayers, an estimated $26 billion dollars.

Image result for CARTOON TRUMP' TAXES

Then there’ll eventually be legislation requiring that all future US presidential candidates be required to make public at least 10 years of…

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House Speaker Pelosi Is Championing Legislation To End Future Government Shutdowns

Speaker of the House Pelosi and others want legislation to permanently end the government shutdowns.

Gronda Morin

Government shutdown federal workers protest Furloughed federal workers and those aligned with them protest the partial government shutdown in the Hart Senate Office Building on January 23 in Washington DC. Win McNamee/Getty Images

This is a shout out to all those who have taken the time to call/ make contact/ email/ visit/ protest and did whatever they could think of to get our US lawmakers’ attentions, that we wanted this US government shutdown ended immediately, that was started on a whim by the Republican President Donald Trump on the 22nd of December 2018 and which has been finally ended on the 25th of January 2019.

Thank you to the business leaders who kept up the pressure on our legislators and the White House as it became obvious, for example, that air travel was becoming less safe. The press really got out there to share the stories of how those 800,000 public servants were experiencing the…

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Great pictures of the winter peeps taken by Cindy Knoke.

Peeps are the world’s tiniest Sandpipers.

They weigh 3/4 of an ounce and stand just a couple inches tall.

They run speedily along the beach like frenetic tiny housekeepers, catching all sorts of little crabs to eat.

Here they are sweetly sharing a lunch of sandcrab!

You can see how tiny they are in comparison to a Western Gull and a Godwit Sandpiper.

These peeps are Western Sandpipers.

They winter along the California coast and breed in Alaska and Siberia.

These constantly busy little birds are super entertaining to watch.

Cheers to you from California’s winter peeps~

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