Estuarine excitements

A humorous tale about traveling by water and clever bargaining. Also, a humorous book with tales about Tallis Steelyard and his many accomplishments penned by Jim Webster with a great review by a reader.

Tallis Steelyard

aquatic tripod

If Stillitoe Cloudwiller had been freer with his cash none of this would have happened. The problem with Stillitoe is that he always had to have a bargain. He was notorious for always haggling. Indeed it was obvious that he treasured his reputation, and would haggle when haggling wasn’t necessary.

I remember on one occasion, Gumption Silvernant promised me that he would pay for the printing of two hundred copies of a book of my poetry, but only if I could get Stillitoe Cloudwiller to purchase five copies at the full price.

Now I realise that Gumption Silvernant is a notorious miser but he is not without honour. If he gives his word (and you’ll not catch him giving anything else,) he sticks to it.
So I went to Stillitoe and asked him to buy five copies at full price. I explained the situation. He was sympathetic, but pointed out…

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It was a bit cold

Jim tells of the cold weather with ice and how it affects the cows and sheep. Also, he has another book of humorous stories for offer with a good review from a reader.

Jim Webster

Freezing fog to wake up to. It wasn’t ‘that’ cold but still it was time to go into cold weather mode. The first trick you learn is to put a bucket of really hot water through the milking parlour before you start milking. This is because, if there’s any ice in the system, you might be lucky and thaw it. Also it’ll raise the temperature enough to ensure that it doesn’t freeze when it starts running but before the milk gets into the system and warms everything. Even so, a pulsator froze while it was working.

The other thing is the fact everything had been damp. The day before we had had rain, so this morning there was ice everywhere. Car doors had been wet, so they froze shut. Not only that but eventually there was enough power in the sun to start thawing stuff. This meant that water would…

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A Shutdown Hiatus …

The shutdown hiatus–what then?

Filosofa's Word

So, Trump has “magnanimously” agreed to open the government for three weeks sans the $5,7 billion he has demanded for his atrocious border wall.  And he is hailed a hero … for doing what he could have done 35 days ago and saved this nation both mega-dollars and many, many headaches.  I, for one, have no praise for him … he’s a day late and a dollar short.  His reasons for finally agreeing to a very short-term truce?  His ratings in the polls were plunging and … La Guardia International Airport in New York was closed, with others sure to follow suit since workers were largely done working without pay.

Don’t get me wrong … I am thankful that the government will re-open for 21 days, at least.  However, a solution seems unlikely to be worked out during that time, and then what?  Trump didn’t capitulate … he is still…

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Big Morongo Canyon Preserve~

Beautiful pictures taken by Cindy Knoke of Big Morongo Canyon Preserve in Southern California’s San Bernardino Mountains.

The Big Morongo Canyon Preserve is a verdant oasis in Southern California’s San Bernardino Mountains.

The 31,000 acre canyon is surrounded by desert,

and is one of California’s ten largest perennial oases.

The preserve is a riparian wilderness with Palm Trees, Cottonwood Trees and Willows, as well as a variety of native shrubs and flowers.

It is a critical wildlife corridor sheltering mountain lion, bighorn sheep, mule deer and bobcat.

It is also hosts up to 274 different varieties of birds during the spring and fall migrations.

The marsh like preserve is perpetually flowering even in late fall and winter.

Cheers to you from the happy wildlife at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve~

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The long way home

A lovely post about the earth centered in the south of England.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

waddesdon 067

Snow permitting, I am on my travels again briefly, and heading north. Regular visitors may have noticed that on very rare occasions I may mention the North of England. Just the odd, passing reference perhaps, here and there, to Yorkshire or the moors, barely anything at all really… hardly even a whisper…. I may not even have mentioned it is known as God’s own county…

Oh? Ok I did. But only quietly. You probably didn’t notice.

I have lived in the south for a long time. It was , I freely admit, my own fault and an accident. I stuck a pin in a map blindfold one day and it landed here. I should have peeked. And that is perfectly true. It was … is… only temporary. Yes… two decades still counts as temporary. It dawned on me I’d been saying fifteen years for a while now so I had…

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Review of ‘Fancy Meeting You Here’, by Jim Webster

A great review of Jim Webster’s book “Fancy Meeting You Here” by Stevie Turner.

Stevie Turner

I always enjoy Jim’s farming stories, as he has a way of telling a tale that is entertaining but informative at the same time. I’ve learned a lot about sheep, cattle and working dogs while reading this book, and always wondered how on earth a sheepdog learns to do what it does – but I know now that a new dog will learn from an old one as well as from his master.

There were a few chuckles too, particularly at how Jim dealt with unwanted salespeople. There were a couple of shocks regarding how the price of cattle has decreased over the years, and also sadly how the number of UK dairy farms has dropped from 196,000 in 1950 to about 10,000 now.

Jim has spent his whole life farming and has acquired a wealth of knowledge, some of which he shares in this delightful book.  I have given…

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Let Life Lead

So true.

Life can be frantic at times. We’re constantly on the move!  Making plans because we have too many things to do, people to see and places to go. You don’t always need to have your life planned out, sometimes you just need to breathe, have faith, let go, and see where life takes you!

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ASSAULT! … On Freedom of the Press

POTUS is cutting down on the government news we hear. This is not good.

Filosofa's Word

Donald Trump on Tuesday said he told White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders “not to bother” with press briefings anymore.

“The reason Sarah Sanders does not go to the ‘podium’ much anymore is that the press covers her so rudely & inaccurately, in particular certain members of the press. I told her not to bother, the word gets out anyway! Most will never cover us fairly & hence, the term, Fake News!”

Olivier Knox, president of the White House Correspondents’ Association, decried the growing infrequency of press briefings in a statement Tuesday, warning that the trend could set a dangerous precedent …

“While other avenues exist to obtain information, the robust, public back-and-forth we’ve come to expect in the James A. Brady briefing room helps highlight that no one in a healthy republic is above being questioned.”

This headline from The Washington Post seems fairly accurate …

The White…

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A FREE book from 23rd to 27th January.

Stevie Turner

My romantic suspense e-book ‘A House Without Windows’ will be FREE TODAY AND UP UNTIL 27th January.  It has won 2 Indie awards, and has 71 reviews on  You can check it out using the buttons below the cover:

Here’s Janice Spina’s 5 star review below:

A House without Windows is a psychological thriller that will shock readers. I couldn’t put this book down. This would make an exceptional movie on the big screen.

The author tells the story through the mind of the main protagonist, Beth Nichols, a caring and well-liked doctor. On her way home one day she stops to assist a patient of hers and doesn’t remember anything. Afterward she finds herself locked in a basement room. Edwin Evans is a disturbed individual and has kidnapped Beth and locked her up in his basement to have for himself. A good part of the story takes place…

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