Congratulations to Tallis and to Jim who pens for him for being nominated for the Best Blogging/Writing Blog for the 2019 Bloggers Bash Awards. It was indeed unfortunate the wanted poster caused problems. There’s also a humorous book by Jim on offer with a great review of it.

Tallis Steelyard

Annual Bloggers Bash Awards Nominee Best Blogging Writing Blog
I have indeed been nominated. This isn’t something that happens particularly often in the career of a jobbing poet. Obviously we draw a veil over the sad incident involving the Landlord of the Raging Bull. The magistrate was most supportive. He accepted my defence that I had left without paying for the wine, purely because I hadn’t realised the city still possessed anybody with the gall to charge for wine of that quality. Given that in the interests of justice he had tried a glass, I can only salute his dedication and courage in the service of the law.

Similarly we shall skip lightly past the sad case of the wanted poster. It was an oversight on my part, an error I would not have made had the scheme been concocted when I was sober.
Actually, I feel it was not a bad idea when you look at it dispassionately…

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