Interview update:

Kawanee is going to interviews.

Hi, my lovelies!

So, not much too much to tell… Nothing was landed at the time of the interviews. I’m waiting on background checks to come back. Here’s how I felt like they went

Fast Food: I loved the interviewer, she was great and I think I’d enjoy working with and for her. There’s not a lot of responsibility and it’s not glamorous but it pays the bills and it’s not early morning work.

She said she wanted to hire me right then, but had to wait for background checks and for approval from higher up.

Bank Teller: The woman who was interviewing before me was in there with the manager for quite a while. I could see them seemingly bonding and my interview got pushed back later and later. They were playing country music, and I found myself getting more and more irritated by it. I’d prefer easy-listening or…

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