For the want of a Knight – Guest Post by, Jim Webster…

A Tale of a mystery of the missing Knight solved by Benor Dorfinngil. Also two books on offer by Jim Webster.

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Benor glared at his wine glass. Tallis was talking, and Benor was ignoring him and thinking about something entirely different. This wasn’t a problem, Tallis merely needed an audience and Benor just wanted to mope. He was a fully qualified cartographer, trying to produce a guide to the city of Port Naain, and instead of getting on with that, he found himself doing all sorts of casual work just to put food on the table. Tallis said, “So could you do that?”
Realising Tallis had stopped talking, Benor frantically tried to re-run the monologue in his head and realised he’d not heard any of it.
“Could I do what?”
Tallis sighed. “Could you find the Chevalier of Windcutter Keep?”
“I don’t know, who’s lost him and where?”
“Benor, have you listened to a word I’ve said?”
“Yes but I got distracted.”
“Well in short, this afternoon, at an ‘at home’ I was assisting a patron with, I…

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