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Two stories for free. Yay! Russell tells us he’s been retired now for 16 months and works harder than ever with less time off. He was definitely kept in the dark about that beforehand. He also tells us about a collection of cats, not the furry kind. If you enjoy this madness, just click on the book covers above and to the right. You can do more by reblogging this post on your blog.

What's So Funny?

People in the workforce get one to two days off every week and vacation time based on their years of service. I have been retired now for over 16 months without a single day off. I can’t even call in sick and sneak off fishing. It’s ridiculous and unfair.

With the amount of stuff retired people have to do, and the limited number of hours we have to work with, you’d think the Department of Labor would step in and rectify this terrible injustice. After all, we spent our entire life working and paying taxes, and just because we’re retired doesn’t mean they can walk all over us.

I encourage all of you, retired or not, to contact your representatives in Congress, Senate, Parliament, etc., and urge them to pass legislation to address this critical issue.

If you’re new to Friday Flash Fiction, our on-site bloggers rights activist is Susan…

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