#Blogtour – Jim Webster with two fabulous new novellas

A humorous tale of pickpocketing and entering without knowledge. Also, two amusing and entertaining books on offer by Jim Webster.

Robbie's inspiration

Jim Webster writes entertaining and humorous books about the lives of Tallis Steelyard and Benor in Port Naain. This short story features Benor and is part of Jim’s blog tour to promote his two new novellas Swimming for Profit and Pleasure and The Plight of the Lady Gingerlily.

Thank you Jim for visiting Robbiesinspiration with this great tale:

Benor paid the bill for the coffee. As he and Mutt walked out of Ninno’s he  glanced down at Mutt. “Now I need somebody who can pick pockets.”

“Not ‘ard to find.”

“But really good, because they’ll have to be able to put something back again.”

Mutt stopped. “What you playing at? Forged coin and now picking pockets?”

Benor was tempted to ruffle the boy’s hair but decided that this might not be in keeping with the fact that Mutt seemed to regard Benor as his equal. As Benor was inordinately proud of this level of…

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